CashBasha Halts Services in Jordan

Due to the newly announced customs changes and crippling tariffs imposed by the Jordanian Government and Customs Department on e-Commerce packages, CashBasha will stop accepting orders from customers in Jordan for the time being.

We apologize for this untimely inconvenience, but it is for the sake of being an active player in a progressive, fair, competitive, and inclusive business and technology environment in Jordan that promotes growth, entrepreneurship and a new digital economy. We trust that our customers know that our success is a result of placing service and innovation above all. These alterations will deny CashBasha and other companies to continue to provide a differentiated service in our beloved country.

If you believe that you deserve a better Jordan with enabling sensible business conditions for all, please join us in voicing your concern by clicking the links below:

To learn more about the Jordan Customs tariffs click here

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