How It Works?

Making your purchase through CashBasha is super simple, just follow these instructions:

1. Start Your Search on CashBasha

Go to, select your favorite store and enter the name of the item you'd like to order in the search box provided on the homepage and hit the “Shop Now” button. If you'd like to freely surf your favorite shopping site, just click the “Browse” link below the button as well.

2. Fill up your shopping cart as you normally would & when done hit the checkout button

Once you are on the shopping site, you'll see that CashBasha's top bar has followed you there. Now you can search and shop for all of the items that you would like to purchase. When you're done, just click the CashBasha Checkout button on the top bar.

3. Enter your details & place your order

On the Checkout page, select your payment method, and other order related details and click the "Place My Order" button. At this point, you'll receive an e-mail or SMS confirmation with further details concerning your payment.

4. Make your cash payment

Cash collection payment

If you choose to make a cash payment for your order on the checkout page, our local partners will come to your local address and collect the cash amount from you. We use a secure cash payment service. Here are the details:

  1. After placing your order, our collection partners will contact you to arrange for your cash pickup.
  2. Once they courier partner arrives to pick up the cash at your door, they will collect the cash amount specified for your order.
  3. Upon a successful collection, you will be presented with a confirmation email and an SMS to confirm your payment.

5. Get your stuff! DONE!

If your items ship from within the United States, then you’ll receive your goods in about 9-14 business days from the time of payment. If your item ships from outside the United States, it will take more time to reach you. You'll receive your items at the address you provided to us.