Orders, Shipping & Returns

At CashBasha, we've employed our best talents and expertise to ensure a secure, smooth and pleasant shopping experience for our customers. We work around the clock to bring you the very best items from the world largest stores at the lowest possible prices. No hassles, guaranteed!

Your Orders

For orders on CashBasha, unlike other services, we have a deep integration with world largest shopping sites that allows you to freely browse and build your shopping cart on the site. When you're done, all you have to do is checkout and our web-application automatically calculates all the additional costs and clearly presents them to you. These include any shipping, customs, special tax, and additional fees associated with your order. Nothing is hidden, the price you see is the price you pay. No questions asked.

Orders Requiring Review

Due to the fact that there are millions of merchants from all over the world, there will be a few cases when CashBasha's web-application will not get all the details it requires to calculate the fees associated with a particular order. This is why we have a team waiting to review your shopping cart and get back to you with an accurate and quick evaluation of what it would cost to import the item to you. Items that require such attention will be highlighted and presented clearly to you on the checkout page. You can choose to confirm or cancel your order after it is reviewed.

Order Edits & cancellations

You can request an edit to your order or a full cancellation at any point before the order is paid. No changes can be made to your order once it has been paid for.

Order Refunds & Returns

We do our best to keep our customers happy. Depending on the status of the order, please refer to the list below to see the corresponding policy:


To clarify, CashBasha is not a shipping company or a last-mile delivery company. Our service utilizes the best available established services to manage the freight and delivery services in your local area and to your door. We do our very best to negotiate competitive rates and offer the best prices in the field. Any prices associated with shipment will be clearly disclosed to our customers.

At checkout, all orders made on CashBasha will have the final destination address attached to it. With no action needed on the customer's part, the CashBasha system will automatically ship all orders to our local U.S. address where they are prepared and serviced for international shipment. Once ready, your order will be shipped to its destination country, where it is evaluated and cleared by customs and duty agents on your behalf.

All CashBasha packages will arrive to the destination country in the customer's name.


Ready orders and packages will be delivered by our courier partners to the final destination address that you've provided to us. If your items are being shipped from within the United States, the expected time for a final delivery to be made should be 2 - 3 weeks after an order has been successfully paid for. If the items are being shipped from a source that is outside the US, it will take more time. Please note that your orders may arrive in multiple packages depending on the number of merchants that you order from as well as their fulfillment policies.

We try our best to manage and report any delays to the final delivery of a customer's packages. Delays could be due to weather, customs, regulatory, product availability, or shipment issues.

Prohibited, Banned Items & Approvals

Every country has a list of items that cannot be imported into that country. The CashBasha system will notify the user of some, but not all, of these items. To avoid complications, customers are encouraged to review the allowed and banned items list for the items that are to be imported to their final address before placing their orders. If a prohibited item is added to your cart, it could result in the cancellation of your whole order prior to its payment.

If a paid item is discovered to be prohibited upon its arrival to the destination country or CashBasha's partner facilities in the United Stats, the order will be refunded according to the CashBasha refund policy. Alternatively, you will be able to redeem the value in the form of credit to be used against other orders on the site.

Some items may require an approval upon arrival to your country depending on laws within the destination country. These approvals can only be obtained by the customer. This is because most approvals require the beneficiary to sign off on the approval itself, and CashBasha cannot carry that out on behalf of customers, nor can provide any compensation for confiscation of unapproved shipments. In the occasion that your order requires any of these, shipment documents will be delivered to you by the local courier and your package will be placed on hold. After obtaining the necessary approval, the approval documents will be picked up from your address to be sent back to customs department to proceed with the normal clearance process.